About us

Founded in response to the increasing need for convenient and accessible healthcare, HastyMeds delivers on-demand medical services directly to you, ensuring you can access healthcare whenever you need it, without the hassle of waiting rooms.

By leveraging technology, HastyMeds connects patients with qualified medical practitioners for everything from prescription refills to specialized consultations, all at an affordable monthly cost.

Our mission is to democratize healthcare, providing a high-quality, personal, and cost-effective solution that is accessible to everyone.

Meet the Founder

Bracha Banayan

Drawing on her extensive background as a Nurse Practitioner in emergency rooms, she founded HastyMeds with a clear vision: to make preventive health care personal and accessible for everyone.

Her firsthand experiences revealed the urgent need for more proactive health solutions, which inspired her to create a platform where patients could easily access medical care without the wait or inconvenience of traditional healthcare settings.

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